The Management and Staff of Lavanya Group Of Institutions heartily welcome you to be a member of their family. We know that you will never regret your choice.

Good education is a passport for a successful life for a person. In-order to develop a successful career, quality education plays a vital role. Quality education comprises of the academic syllabus, moral values, ethics, discipline, culture, positive attitude and social behavior. But sad to say that most of us have presumed that quality education is restricted to academic syllabus only and in-fact majority of the educational institutions are following the same principles. It’s here that “LAVANYA GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS ” stands out of the clutch. We believe that it is our responsibility to include all these aspects and qualities in students which would make them not just a good student but a good human being.


A range of teaching strategies is employed to optimise effective teaching and learning of pupils at every age level.


The vision of the Trust is to constantly strive towards meeting this society need by inclusion and expansion of newer streams of academic in its institutions and provide world –class infrastructure for learning ,research and application of knowledge.


Pupils encounter learning experiences specifically structured to promote genuine enquiry.


  • Lavanya Education Society(R) believes that every individual from each strata of society needs affordable. Relevant and quality education to fulfill personal aspirations.
  • Thus the Society Goal is to emerge as a global conglomerate of premier academic institutions, each taking pride in having nurtured knowledge that will lead to happiness, peace, harmony and prosperity.

Important Messages

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Lavanya Group Of Institutions Lavanya Group Of Institutions is a unit of Lavanya Education Society. Hence it is little wonder that value based education is extended in the college as well. Lavanya Group Of Institutions lays a strong foundation for values and the PU College,B.Ed College,High & primary continues with these but with a progressive and increasing emphasis.

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It has been recognized all over the world that education is the key to the progress of the world and brotherhood of man. It is obvious that the teacher is the central figure in the process of education. His professional training and the role for us in a new social order for the progress of mankind.

Achiever's And Topper's

Abhishek. S
got 92.11%

Shivaranjini A
got 91.08%

Shahzad Nabi K N
got 86.53%

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